Mastering the Art of Gloving - The Literal Handbook

Mastering the Art of Gloving - The Literal Handbook

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Gloving as an art form has existed for almost two decades, and in that time there have been countless pieces of content under  #gloving posts on social media platforms.

Throughout the ages glovers have primarily used internet resources to share the foundations, culture, history, and theory of gloving light shows - until now. 

This written compendium is the result of 8 years of light show experience including the following:

  • years of travel to the various gloving communities around the US
  • interviews with gloving’s founding artists
  • theories from some of the most prominent minds in gloving
  • A never-before-documented viewpoint from one of EDM's most misunderstood communities. 

500 first edition Copies available of Mastering the Art of Gloving (24.95)

The purchase of the print version includes:

  • Invitation to the "Halls of YGM" Gloving Discord Server
  • a 20% off discount code valid on any lesson.