Who are we?

We are You Got Moves.
We are here to show you that you, in fact, have the moves.

How can we do that you ask? 
Every single Movement Artist has the tools inside of them to express themselves through their art. We are only here to refine those tools and sharpen your skills with them. We are here to provide you the regimens and the formulas that our coaches used to progress in their own art!

Who are your coaches?
Great question! We have gathered experienced veterans of various dance styles and flow arts who have been certified and trained to pass their secrets to you right on your phone or computer!

So this is online?
Yes! Once you book a lesson, you will receive an email with a Google Calendar invite that includes a "Google Hangout" attachment. All you have to do is join the chatroom link provided in the email when it is time for your lesson!

 What kind of classes do you offer?
There are two main types of classes on You Got Moves. Structured Topics, and Open Consults. 
Structured Topics: - Each coach offers specific expertise in various ideas within their movement art. Each structured lesson will contain an explanation of the idea, along with drills, examples and formulas needed for you to develop your own style with the tools they give you. 
Open Consults - This is where you just get to pick your coach's brain! Have a recent performance video ready to present to them, tell them what you want to learn, or where you want to go and the two of you spend your session developing a plan for you to follow and take with you to grow as a movement artist. 

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What if I don't feel like I'm ready for a lesson?
That's totally okay! We have taken the time to gather quite a few videos that are publicly available on Youtube for you to look through!

Free Content you say?
Yes! You Got Moves is currently developing our own tutorials for our viewers, and we look forward to sharing them with you! In the meantime, we have scoured the vastness of YouTube to collect and organize a large selection of videos that we feel can give you more than enough to study and learn from if live coaches aren't your particular cup of tea. We call is our Community Tutorial Library

Do I have to be Quiet in this library?
Of course not, go nuts! However, these pages are loaded with YouTube Videos, so if you are not on WiFi it may take a moment to load. Not to worry, the content is worth the wait!   

View Community Tutorial Library 

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