Its time to put the gloves on! 

Gloving and light shows  are about one thing, among others, putting on a good show! 

The 4KC: Four Kingdoms Collide is OUR CHANCE to put on a good show FOR YOU. Come join us for the inaugural tournament in Los Angeles, CA in 2020!

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You want to learn how to glove? 

This is the place.

You Got Moves was brought to life on one simple idea. Spending time with glovers who have "been there, and done that" is the most efficient way to learn to glove. Gloving is Art. Art is subjective. If you want to learn an art form, you study with artists. 

That is what we do here. We provide you the artists, and give them a platform to teach you their ways. Think of us as your online Gloving University.  

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Not ready for 1 on 1 online Classes?

We Still Have You Covered

We understand that sometimes you just need to watch a few videos to get a good idea, or draw some inspiration. We have scoured the vastness of YouTube to bring you a comprehensive list of tutorials put out for the community from our coaches as well as other respected and recognizable faces within the gloving community. 

Besides, every school needs a library, right?

To the Tutorial Library!

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This is how we stay fresh

We make some pretty sweet clothes too! 

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Welcome to the Artist Bazaar! 

Glovers who have logos and designs they want to put on a shirt and sell can be found here. 

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Quality Control

All of our coaches are certified and approved to teach 1 on 1 online classes. 

Elevated Lesson Structure

Our coaches have specifically designed their classes to give you the tools to build your own style, not just copy theirs. 

Community Growth

Join Our Facebook group of students after you book a class to answer questions, share notes and grow together!