Welcome to Gloving's Greatest Resource

You Got Moves was the first gloving education platform. We have since expanded to servicing other needs of the gloving and dance communities. 

We now offer; lessons, books, white gloves, custom gear for your team, organized tutorials spanning the last 17 years of gloving, and one-of-a-kind in-person events.

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We've been doing this a long time and helped some of your favorite glovers become who they are as an artist. Hear from some of our past students and decide for yourself:

"Took a class with Teddy before the G3 competition and I thought it was really well done. There was a lot of practical information he shared with me about competitions and how to get your mindset right. We also got to review one of my videos...That was really great feedback for me to hear and to apply to [G3] which was my first competition.

[Made it to Round 5 out of 7]

- Dr Freeze (@KOLDPAWS)

When I found out about YouGotMoves I was super excited! Not only was I going to get to learn from the greats, but it was all the glovers I respect. The classes I took with the teachers were like a new level unlock every time. The coaches listened to what I was looking for and provided a plan that I could follow to improve my gloving. I have now been able to learn faster and start to develop my own flow thanks to the coaches at YouGotMoves!

[Taken classes with every coach]

-Vioh (@iamvioh)

It can be very skeptical paying for online classes [with so many free tutorials available online] and I felt that that way too. After taking a few classes I can say they are 100% worth it. 

Of course, videos online are helpful...but after a few online sessions I have realized they seem more personalized toward s my knowledge and experience whether I had some or not...but in session I was able to pick up and learn concepts in a shorter amount of time than with tutorials since I was able to ask questions and get real time responses. 

[One of our first students]

-Devin [Honey]