How do our lessons work?

YouGotMoves offers 1 on 1 lessons with top artists in various dance and flow art disciplines.
Where do these lessons take place?
These lessons are conducted via Google Hangouts, and can be purchased right here on our site. Once you book your lesson, you will be invited to a Google Calendar Event between you and your coach. 
This event will have a link for an attached 'Google Hangout" which will serve as your video classroom.   
Do you offer anything else besides 1 on 1 online classes?
We will be adding group online classes as well as the ability to purchase seats to live workshops and classes in the near future.
How are your lessons structured?
Some lesson topics are unique and difficult to teach. However, most of our offered lesson plans contain the following:
  • Explanation
  • Application
  • "How to" section
  • Inspirations or videos to study
  • 1-2 drills that you can practice to apply what you have learned.  
How are your coaches certified?
Step 1: Application
Candidates submit their application for invitation detailing their accomplishments within their discipline, professional and nonprofessional teaching experience, areas of expertise within their art form and personal capability. 
Step 2: Interview
If their application passes, candidates are scheduled for an interview via video chat with our CEO. They are asked to elaborate on their application and given a chance to show their ability to command attention, display their comfort on video, and effectively communicate via video chat. 
Step 3: Submitted Lesson Plan
Candidates submit a sample lesson plan to the staff for approval. This demonstrates their ability to plan out and develop a focused course that is worth the amount they intend to charge for their time. 
Step 4: Certified Test Lessons:
Finally, candidates conduct lessons with a control student trained specifically to create a difficult teaching situation. Additionally, a staff member will be present on the call. After each lesson, the student and staff member grade the candidate on a 50 point scale. Candidates must pass two test lessons with different course topics with a score of 85% or better.
Certified Coach Scorecard: 
  • Staying within the time frame of the class, including time for Q/A (10pts or 0pts)
  • Clearly understood by the student (Scale from 0-10pts)
  • Audio / Video quality (Scale from 0-10pts)
  • Ability to stay on track (Scale from 0-10pts)
  • Overall Presentation (Scale from 0-10pts)