1on1 class with Ice Kream Teddy

1on1 class with Ice Kream Teddy

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Competitive Accomplishments:

LightsON Season 2 - 2nd Place
WSOG 2017 - 1st Place
IGC 2015 - 1st Place

IGC 2014  - 1st Place 
IGC 2013 - 3rd Place
IGC 2011 - 4th Place
Multiple BOSS 1st Place Finishes
Judged, Organized, or consulted on 
over 30 additional competitions. 


Classes Offered:

Transitions - (60 min)

If there is one thing about my gloving that I stand behind, it is my seamless transitions in my gloving light show. I will teach you my approach to creating and freestyling connections between moves.

These same techniques allow you to break free of glover's block and begin to build your own combinations, perhaps even your own concepts! 

Competitive Mentality(60 min)

Competitive Light Shows are vastly different from the average festival face melt. They require glovers to display all of their capabilities to balance various attributes and express them through their own show. Winning a competition requires much more than working on your moves. There are still nerves to overcome, and strategy (yes, you read that right...strategy) to consistent placing. 

This lesson plan was a collaboration between [PLL] Vex, IGC 2016 Champion, and myself. Here I will discuss preparation both during as well as BEFORE a competition to make sure you walk in with 0% nerves and 100% confidence. 

Open Consults - 60 min 

Plan to provide a short and recent video displaying attributes of your show you would like to expand on or improve. Your first open consult will act as a foundational lesson with the intention of creating a personalized coaching regimen.

If you'd prefer to dive into a specific topic with your coach, that's fine too as long as your coach is confident in that aspect or concept.

A few words from your coach:

During the time I have been gloving, I have seen this art bloom from the stigmatic, festival-only, free-for-all to the refined, practiced, and beautiful dance form it has become.

My strengths lie in my transitions, musicality, commitment to performance, and ability to structure my style to fit any scorecard in competition. 

I am here to teach you what I can. Take a lesson with me and you will walk away with tools to discover your own perfect gloving light show.

Practicing Since: November 2008
Location: Los Angeles, CA