Classes with Animated J

Classes with Animated J

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You can either book an Open Consult (This is where I dissect your show and provide you specialized feedback. It is the chance for you to pick my brain without a pre-determined topic) or you can choose from one of my classes offered:

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Classes Offered:

1. Tutting Understanding (Personalized Levels) - 45 min

Join me as we explore different shapes and designs that can be created with your arms. You will learn the basics of tutting, and also the possibles of what tutting can become.

2. Inspiration Formula - 60 min

We will explore different methods of increasing your creativity, reducing anxiety, and learn how to tap into who you are as a performer.


3. Stretching - Get to know your hands

Do you feel your hands are stiff, not flexible at all, or just unsure if they have any special abilities? My flexibility course will share tips, exploration of your hand, and drills in order to expand your flexibility and dexterity.

Here’s something for you to try right now: Place the tip of your index finger on the tip of your pinky, and hold it. Now try putting your middle finger through the hole that was formed.

Let’s discuss what your experience was trying that !

A few words from your coach:

I have seen dancers with so much potential let it go to waste because they did not have the proper guidance. I have seen dancers create beautiful pieces of art, because they had a support group in their dance community.

I am a character that brings out emotions within my audiences . I use my facial expressions and every part of my body to connect with the viewer, creating pictures while I dance.

If they want to be ahead of the game when it comes to tutting and being creative , I am here for them.

Practicing Since: 2009
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Additional Disciplines Practiced:

General Finger Styles