Disciplines Offered: Gloving
Practicing Since: 2010
Location: Detroit, MI

Additional Disciplines Studied:
Poi - since 2009
Liquid Dance - since 2011
Tutting - since 2012
Locking - since 2014
House Dancing- since 2016

Words from our coach:
The breadth of concepts and wealth of information has made it very easy for people to gain knowledge of many things, but they often sacrifice depth, fullness, for breadth and obliviously miss and forget things along the way.
I strive to demonstrate how there is much more there is lying under the most basic foundations that glovers have yet to unpack, right under their noses.
My primary goal is not to impart knowledge. It is to figure out what you, the student, have to hear and to give you the tools to attain an understanding of the material.

My Classes

Flails are a concept involving tracing a perfect circle with  your finger tips in a windmill fashion.  Flower Flails are about taking that idea, and applying complex Poi patterns to that motion. 

This is a 30 minute course. 

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My Content

Here are a few of my favorite videos to show you what I can do.

If you take a lesson with me, I promise to show you new and creative ways to make your audience giggle and smile. 

Some of my Tutorial Content
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