Disciplines Offered: Gloving
Practicing Since: May, 2011
Location: Seattle, WA

Competitive Accomplishments:
Seattle Gloving Competition April 2016 - 1st pPace 
Portland's Lights All Night Gloving Competition Dec. 2014,  - 2nd place 
Open Bracket IGC 2016 - Top 4 

Words from our coach:

I want to do my part and share what I've learned over the last 7 years of gloving to help the next generation.
People seem to enjoy my whips. I always try to produce raw emotion/power with my shows. 

Knowing how to throw massive and complete whips, paired with which specific bits and pieces of music to hit beats to, always get the best reactions from people. I would love to share my knowledge about musicality and whips with everyone.

My Classes

This is a collaboration between [PM] Ice Kream Teddy and myself outlining our general approach to expressing a song through a gloving light show. Musicality is about feeling the song, and communicating that feeling to your audience. 

Sometimes all you need to communicate is an understanding of the language. Can I be your Rosetta Stone?

This is a 60 minute course.

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My Content

Here are a few of my favorite videos to show you what I can do, and my most valuable tutorials.  

My Performance Videos
My Tutorial Videos
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