Disciplines Offered: Orbiting
Practicing Since: July, 2015
Location: Long Beach, CA

Words from our coach:

If I had to take a guess I'd say maybe my liquids or musicality. stick out most in my performance.

I'd like to think people like my shows because I try to incorporate something new in to my shows each time whether its a new move or expanding on something more abstract like transitions and musicality.

Regardless of which course you teach me, I'll make sure you walk away with something new to work with and expand on.

My Classes

Liquid is one of those things that applies to all flow arts and Orbiting is no exception! Liquids here refer to a term of move that creates a fluid connection from you to your orbit. Here we break down mechanics and transitions both in and out of liquid moves, as well as a few variations.  
This is a 45 minute course. 

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My Content

Check out some of my favorite personal shows, as well as two of my tutorials!

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