Disciplines Offered: Gloving
Practicing Since: November, 2010
Location: Chicago, IL

Competitive Accomplishments:
MWGC - (Milwaukee) 1st Place
Chicago Gloving Competition - 2013 - 3rd Place
IGC 2015 - Open Bracket - 2nd Place

Words from our coach:
My strongest quality is my ability to convey the amount of fun a person can have. Often my facial expressions during my performances and videos speak for themselves. I may not be the cleanliest performer out there, but my performances are much more about making an ass of myself, getting some laughs, and wowing my audience.
The absolute most fun I have is working with others and coming up with tricks and concepts we never thought possible.
Whether you just learned the fundamentals, or you're a veteran looking to add more in your arsenal, my main goal for my lessons above all is to just have fun and challenge ourselves trying/learning something new

My Classes

Placement of Whips is 100% key to creating variety and awareness in your light show! Give me 45 minutes and I'll take months off of your trial and error!

This class should be taken after completing Whips 101 and Whips 102 with [UV] Flow.
However, if you feel experienced enough with whips, you may still gain value from the material.
This is a 45 minute course. 

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My Content

Here are a few of my favorite videos to show you what I can do.

If you take a lesson with me, I promise to show you new and creative ways to make your audience giggle and smile.

Some of my Tutorial Content
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