Disciplines Offered: Orbiting
Practicing Since: December, 2014
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Competitive Accomplishments:
Created the first ever MinneBOSS Orbiting Competition

Words from our coach:
I have watched the community start out as a simple flow art of only a few hundred members, and grow into a very complex, technical art form that has brought the attention of thousands of new flow artists that make up a unique and inspiring community.
My strongest quality of my performance as an Orbiter is the unique way I transition from move to move, as well as my precision with handle tricks. I strive to demonstrate a type of showmanship that adds a unique style or flair to the way I perform.
I have a lot of experience in the art and have the ability to teach anything from the basic fundamentals, all the way up to the most complex tricks, while making the lesson fun and engaging. 

My Classes

Orbiting all starts with breathe and tension! The orbit is a living thing and the first thing you need to do is learn to communicate with it! Here we go over the very basics of orbiting including string length, and momentum. Then I will teach you the groundwork you will need to begin to command your orbit at your leisure. 
This is a 45 minute course. 

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My Content

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