Disciplines Offered: Orbiting
Practicing Since: 2015
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Additional Disciplines Studied:
Rope Dart
LED & Fire Staff

Words from our coach:

When I started in Minnesota I was one of 2 orbiters and now there are over 120 that we know of

My dance style of orbiting and just try to be as nice as I can , I strive to demonstrate to flow with emotion

I am very good at breaking down the moves so it is easy to retain , and want to show you the tools to develop your own flow 🤗

My Classes

Orbiting all starts with breathe and tension! The orbit is a living thing and the first thing you need to do is learn to communicate with it! Here we go over the grid and how it applies to orbiting along with the most basic concept of that application, Pivots. 
This is a 30 minute course. 

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My Content

Check out my performance from IGC 2016 (International Gloving Championship)!

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