MotherDuckers X YGM Duck-o-lage Face Mask

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Let's face it. You like ducks. We love ducks. Motherduckerz Ent. DEFINITELY LOVES DUCKS. This is a win-win. 


Our masks measure 8 inches across diagonally (measures about 6.5 inches from side to side.  5-inch size is only recommended for children or adults with exceptionally skinny faces. Super breathable, single layer masks designed to be worn all day, washed, and re-used. The bridge of each mask contains an assist frame to bend to your nose, keep your mask in place, and help divert any fog from glasses. 


Any purchase of the "MotherDuckerz x YGM" Collab line support MotherDuckerz Ent. who helped us put on our first in-person event in 2020, 4KC: Four Kingdoms Collide. The event production industry has been hit hardest over the last year and we want to do our part to give back - starting with those who helped us last year. If you attended 4KC, watched the videos, enjoyed the recap, or plan to be there in 2022, Motherduckerz should be your first Thank you for making it happen.