Gloving Dojo Enrollment

Gloving Dojo Enrollment

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(Please read full description to answer any questions you have. If you are still unsure about anything, please email us directly at
It is time to go from inexperienced finger wiggler to unique performer. These three months of weekly classes (13 sessions total) will give you the tools to develop your own style built around positive training habits and creative strategies.  

Here is the list of included classes in our "Full Camp" Package, along with an Open Consult at the end of your full semester.

Level 1 - Introduction to Gloving
1. Gloving 101
2. Mudra Yoga (Dexterity)

Level 2 - Technique Development
3. Gloving Whips
4. Flower Flails 101 - Introduction to patterns
5. Gloving Digits
6. Thumbwork
7. Transitions

Level 3 - Theory and Traits
8. Speed Control
9. Flower Flails 2 - Extended Patterns and Connections
10. Pacing (Performance Progression)
11. Clusters
12. Musicality

(You can also purchase each level as a group of classes from the dropdown menu)


How does this work?

As soon as your order is placed, you will be emailed a google form to fill out. This form will tell us a little bit about you so that we can prepare your classes accordingly, and make sure we can work with your schedule as these classes progress. 

My Schedule is always so different, I never know when I have time!

That's perfectly okay, we can work with you. We can give you the ability to schedule any of your lessons on your time, within our coach's availability. You will not be locked to a set time/day of the week unless you want to be. 

Will I have the same coach for all of my classes?

No. Our Full Camp package will get you in front of 5 different coaches from You Got Moves. All of these coaches have had collaborative training, and working with multiple teachers will give you multiple perspectives of high-quality feedback to help your style develop. This ensures that YGM does not produce "cookie cutter" students, and it allows each person's individuality to come through. 

What if I still have questions?

Click the "contact us" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen or message our facebook page directly and we will be happy to answer any remaining questions.