Class with Trump

Class with Trump

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You can either book an Open Consult (This is where I dissect your show and provide you specialized feedback. It is the chance for you to pick my brain without a pre-determined topic) or you can choose from one of my classes offered:

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Competitive Accomplishments:

Minnesota BOSS - 1st Place
Minnesota BOSS - 1st Place
Utah BOSS - 1st Place
Materia's Whip Olympics - 1st Place
Multiple 2nd, 3rd, and top 8 BOSS finishes

Classes Offered:

1. Intro to Gloving Digits- (45 min)

.This class gives glovers more tools to expand their tech combinations as well as improve dexterity through drills and exercises. Be ready to bend at the second knuckle!

2. Whips - Mechanics, Combinations, and Placements- (45 min)

Clean up your whips, expand your current combinations as well as new ones, and develop strategies for incorporating whips into your show more fluidly.  

A few words from your coach:

I have seen so many new artists start gloving and a big increase in the competitive scene

I want people to know that they can reach any level they want and I think I can provide great insight on how to do so.

Practicing Since: November 14, 2016
Location: Thornton, CO