Classes with Outlaw

Classes with Outlaw

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You can either book an Open Consult (This is where I dissect your show and provide you specialized feedback. It is the chance for you to pick my brain without a pre-determined topic) or you can choose from one of my classes offered:

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Competitive Accomplishments:

Fable Online Competition (2016) - 1st Place
IGC (2016) - Legends Bracket Top 16
Iris Online Competition (2017) - 1st Place
Lights On Season 3 (2018) - 2nd Place

Classes Offered:

1. Speed Control - (45 min)

Speed Control is a dial on each part of your body.  Let me show you how to turn the dial properly. 

2. Pacing (Progression Control) - (45 min)

If light shows were essays, this would be your progression and your outline. Let me sharpen your pen for you. 

3. Musicality (45 min)

Musicality is the lifeblood of any gloving performance. It is the connection between audio and visual experience for your viewers. This class is 100% Essential. 

A few words from your coach:

Since 2012 I've seen the rise of a generation of glovers who have used social media to lead gloving into a diverse international weave of connections between creative minds who share the same passion. The conceptual foundations for light shows have had over a decade to evolve and the bar set for glovers is more complex, intricate, and polished than ever.

You don't need to have the most insane dexterity or ridiculously complex concepts for your show to be good, all it takes is knowing how to present what you have as effectively as possible, and that gloving philosophy is what I aim to teach. In my lessons we'll dive into the theory behind the aesthetic traits of gloving and boil them down to a science, giving you the tools you need to make your style shine.

Practicing Since: December 2012
Location: Seattle, WA