Class with Starlight

Class with Starlight

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You can book an Open Consult where I dissect your show and provide you specialized feedback. It is the chance for you to pick my brain without a pre-determined topic) or you can choose from one of my classes offered:

Have a question or request you do not see here? Email us at and we will do everything we can to accommodate your learning needs!

Class Offered:

Improvised Musicality - 90 minutes dedicated to the structure of music and how to use it to improve anticipation and general expression of the song.

Stage Presence (Showmanship)
101. Intro - 30 min foundation + drills to develop yourself

201. Intermediate - "The Fourth Wall" - 60 min about how to connect with your audience

301. Advanced - Character Creation
Command the attention of your audience
and grow more comfortable in your own skin in the process

A few words from your coach:

I've been soaking up knowledge from the best tutters and fingertutters for a decade

I try to tell a linear story with every show I give.

I can give guidance beyond my skill level. Especially if you're willing to stick with my freestyle and structuring advice.


Location: Los Angeles, CA