Disciplines Offered: Branding
Practicing Since: 2014
Location: Oakland, CA

Additional Disciplines Studided:
General Dance: Since 2000
Object Manipulation: Since 2011
Multiball Juggling: Since 2014

Words from our coach:
Since I started working on Social Media Marketing for Movement Artists 3 years ago, I've seen a growing interest in artists building their brands and followings online, as they have beared witness to it being more and more of a necessity over time. As always, the sooner we start working on it, the sooner it will come together.
My strongest qualities as an artist are those of curiosity, fascination, and having the creativity and discipline to build and follow through on creative processes. My research brings me joy in the moment, and I hope that my work will allow students to accomplish in hours what took me days and took my predecessors years.

My Classes

Having worked at Facebook, given access to their internal wikis and thousands of dollars to use play-test money in their advertising platform and created content that combines to millions of views and 20k+ followers, I have both the technical expertise and real-world chops to lay down the foundations for marketing in today's social media landscape.
This is a 45 minute course. 

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My Content

Here are a few of my favorite videos to show you what I can do.

If you take a lesson with me, I promise to show you new and creative ways to connect with your audience.

Some of my Tutorial Content
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