COMMUNITY gloving tutorial LIBRARY

What is Gloving?

A type of individual dance performance focused around the trails produced from small microlights inside of the artist's white gloves. 

Absolute Basics

A few small moves and combinations to get you started enjoying the art, and stretches to expedite your cleanliness and comfort of execution.  

Simple Moves to Learn

Stretching Exercises and Finger Independence

Learning Execution of Moves with Example Combinations

Each of these videos contains an example combination, or the dissection of executing a single type of gloving move or concept. Additionally, we have grouped videos together from different artists that cover the same topic to provide an idea of the spectrum of opinion over various moves.  

Finger Roll Variations

Gloving Liquid Moves and Combos

Whips, Flails and Tunnels

Dexterity Super Tricks

Basic Tutting Combinations

Wave Tutting


Understanding Properties

Properties are the intangible characteristics and traits that glovers use to improve their overall performance as a whole, rather than an individual concept or type of move. This section also includes videos that are not made by/for glovers, but talk about things that can easily be applied to gloving. 


Morphing & Morphing Concepts

The Grid, Depth Perception and Isolation

Theory and Advanced Discussion

Theory and Discussion videos take concepts, moves, and properties in order to create techniques to help glovers discover their own true performance. 

Generating New Concepts

Overcoming Glover's Block

All videos here are not made by YouGotMoves, and our intent is only to provide a centralized bank of educational dance and flow arts material created by and for you, the community!

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