Meet Our coaches

Our goal is to give you the tools to become whatever kind of gloving artist you want to be.
You want to win a gloving competition?
You want a way to meet more people?
Need an outlet to get over social anxiety?
Never learned to dance but always wanted to?
Do you like to perform and put on a show?
Do you like learning from the best in the practice?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, keep scrolling and enjoy.  

Ice Kream Teddy

1. Transitions - (30 to 60 min))
I will teach you my approach to creating and freestyling connections between moves.
2. Competitive Mentality - (60 min)
Competitive Light Shows are vastly different from the average festival face melt. They require glovers to display all of their capabilities to balance various attributes and express them through their own show. Let me help tip the scales in your favor.  

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    1. Gloving 101 - (30-60min)
    "Everything I wish I had heard three months into gloving"
    Yes, this is it. You have seen the videos online, you now know for sure you interested in gloving. Here is everything you will need to help build good gloving habits and practice smart, rather than just practicing hard.

    2. Mudra Yoga (Dexterity) - (30 to 90 min)
    Mudra has been around for thousands of years and can be used to improve dexterity, strength and independence in your hands.

    3. Clusters - (30 min)
    Clusters are a concept I have adopted and expanded furiously. 

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      Vincent van flow

      1. Flower Flails (Introduction and Continuous Action Patterns) - 45 min
      Flails are a concept involving tracing a perfect circle with your fingertips in a windmill fashion. Flower Flails are about taking that idea, and applying complex Poi patterns to that motion.

      2. Flower Flails (Advanced Drills and Technique) - 60 min
      Once you have the basics of Flower Flails down, I show you more complex patterns to create and expand with. 

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        1. Intro to Gloving Digits- (45 min)
        .This class gives glovers more tools to expand their tech combinations as well as improve dexterity through drills and exercises. Be ready to bend at the second knuckle!

        2. Whips - Mechanics, Combinations and Placements- (45 min)
        Clean up your whips, expand your current combinations as well as new ones, and develop strategies for incorporating whips into your show more fluidly.  

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          1. Speed Control - (45 min)
          Speed Control is a dial on each part of your body. Let me show you how to turn the dial properly.

          2. Pacing (Progression Control) - (45 min))
          If light shows were essays, this would be your progression and your outline. Let me sharpen your pen for you.

          3. Musicality (45 min)
          Musicality is the lifeblood of any gloving performance. It is the connection between audio and visual experience for your viewers. This class is 100% Essential. 

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            Animated J

            1. Tutting Understanding (Personalized Levels) - 45 min
            Join me as we explore different shapes and designs that can be created with your arms. You will learn the basics of tutting, and also the possibles of what tutting can become.

            2. Inspiration Formula - 60 min
            We will explore different methods of increasing your creativity, reducing anxiety, and learn how to tap into who you are as a performer.

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              Kai Scoceles

              Social Media Marketing for Movement Artists (45 min)

              Having worked at Facebook, given access to their internal wikis and thousands of dollars to use play-test money in their advertising platform and created content that combines to millions of views and 20k+ followers, I have both the technical expertise and real-world chops to lay down the foundations for marketing in today's social media landscape. 

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